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Red Light Therapy For Psoriasis: A Revolutionary Treatment Option

Adriana Bailey • June, 2023

Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss

Adriana Bailey • June, 2023

 Are you hoping for a full-body pick-me-up? Red light therapy has become incredibly popular for everything from correcting signs of aging or breakouts to addressing fatigue and improving your mood. One of the most surprising potential benefits of red light therapy is weight loss, or at least localized fat reduction.

   For the most part, red light therapy works by promoting a healing response through a stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect. This is why it’s so effective for maturing, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

  In this post, we’ll explain how red light therapy works for weight loss. We’ll cover the research and how it works, and help you decide if this treatment might make sense for you.

Table Of Contents

  • 1. How Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss Works
  • 2. Red Light Therapy Benefits for Weight Loss
  • 3. Types of Red Light Therapy Devices
  • 4. Risks and Side Effects
  • 5. Red Light Therapy, Exercise, and Diet
  • 6. Achieve Your Body Goals With Red Light Therapy
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Table Of Contents

  • 1. How Does Radio Frequency Cellulite Treatment Work?
  • 2. Potential Side Effects Of Radiofrequency Cellulite Treatments
  • 3. Evertone Anti-Cellulite Routine
  • 4. FAQ For Radiofrequency For Cellulite
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How Red Light Therapy for Weight Loss Works

Using red light therapy for weight loss isn’t a mainstream practice yet, largely because the science on the subject is still limited. That said, there have still been numerous studies that show some potential of red light therapy to help reduce fat and cellulite, to contour the body.

  Over the years, researchers have proposed various potential mechanisms of action to explain why red light therapy may stimulate fat loss. The likeliest mechanism of action, however, is that red light is able to create a temporary break in fat cells, which allows the fat to leak out from the cells and leave the body through the lymphatic system.

   Research on human participants shows that low-level laser therapy with similar wavelengths to other red light technologies showed real results, especially when it comes to circumference reduction. The treatments, usually conducted two to three times a week over the course of several weeks, often showed a noticeable reduction in fat. One thing that stood out is that the results were localized to specific treatment areas, suggesting that light therapy may help with “spot reduction” of weight. Most study participants were considered non-obese, so we’d need to see further studies to understand how red light therapy may impact those with a higher body mass index (BMI) number. That said, this further suggests that red light may work best for targeted treatment rather than for overall weight loss.

  Additionally, red light is also known for stimulating the skin itself, improving healing and healthy collagen production. While this impact effect generates fat loss, it may help firm and tighten the skin, which can also help give the body a more contoured and toned look. If you’re dealing with cellulite, it may also help strengthen the skin and reduce the visibility of dimples!

Red Light Therapy Benefits for Weight Loss

Incorporating red light therapy as part of your weight loss plan can be an excellent idea for a few reasons. These are the unique benefits it can offer when you’re on your weight loss journey:

  Fat loss: Red light therapy has the potential to stimulate fat loss by releasing lipids from within fat cells. The body then disposes of the fat, leading to fat loss and a reduction in the circumference of the treated area, such as the arms or hips.

  Spot reduction: As research notes, low level light therapy can impact specific treatment areas, leading to spot reductions in fat. In other words, red light therapy may offer a solution to stubborn areas of fat that don’t disappear through exercise or diet, and especially the arms, thighs, hips, and waist. That said, the findings haven’t been promising specifically when it comes to abdominal fat.

   Cellulite reduction: In addition to helping reduce fat and circumference, red light therapy may also help with the severity of cellulite, which is a common secondary concern for those who are interested in weight loss. It can be especially effective if also combined with massage or other skin-stimulating cellulite treatments.

   Improved blood lipid profile: Since light therapy aids with fat loss by releasing lipids from fat cells, you might worry about how it’ll impact your blood lipid profile. Research actually shows that low-level light therapy may actually help improve the blood lipid profile by reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  Post-workout treatment: Exercise can aid with fat loss by improving the body’s metabolism and burning calories. Research suggests that red light therapy may be useful both before and after workouts, with some studies finding that it could help with performance and post-workout recovery (albeit the research was non-conclusive).
Post-liposuction treatment: Finally, because of red light therapy’s ability to encourage healing, it can be a useful therapy following liposuction (as well as other surgeries). Moreover, some red light therapy devices are even useful prior to surgery, since research showed they help “liquefy” fat and improve overall outcomes.

Types of Red Light Therapy Devices  for Weight Loss

There are a lot of different kinds of red light therapy devices! Here are the main types you may come across, and what you need to know about them when it comes to weight loss.

   Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) penetrates to the same wavelength as red LED light, and as such the two terms are often used interchangeably. The majority of research on weight loss light therapy was done with low-level laser devices in clinical settings, so it’s important to remember that while LLLT may help with weight loss, results cannot be expected from every type of red light device. That said, professional treatments with low-level laser can be very expensive.

  LED panels are popular for full-body treatments and are also commonly used in salons. They’re usually large and stationary, which allows for hands-free treatments. They often require that users sit close to the device in order to actually benefit from the full impact of the light, and may also require some form of eye protection.

   LED masks are extremely popular for full-face treatments. These masks usually require eye protection, as well as a significant time investment, since users have to lie or sit back while using them. They can be useful for addressing facial concerns, but not as useful for other parts of the body. Red light therapy wands are devices designed for home use. They typically feature a smaller panel of LEDs, for a more controlled treatment of targeted areas like the face.

Red light therapy wands are fast and easy to use, although they do require that the user holds the device during the treatment.

   The Evertone Infrawave is a red light therapy wand that makes home red light treatments as convenient as can be. This LED-based device is designed to be an all-in-one beauty tool, with powerful red light therapy with a 660 nm wavelength.

  This hand-held device combines several modalities beyond just red light therapy, including microcurrent, heat therapy, and vibrational massage. This hybrid of effects can help create a more toned look by firming the skin and stimulating lymphatic drainage to eliminate puffiness.

Are there any Risks and Side Effects?

Red light therapy has minimal risks or side effects - the majority of users don’t experience any side effects. It’s especially mild when compared to other treatments often recommended for addressing unwanted fat like radiofrequency microneedling and laser lipolysis.

  Low-level laser therapy may lead to mild redness, swelling, and irritation which often fades on its own soon after treatment. This isn’t as likely with red light LED treatments.

  It is important to pay attention to eye health, however, especially with light-based treatments that come close to the eyes and may lead to headaches or retinal damage. Using eye protection with certain devices might be necessary, and speak to your doctor if you have pre-existing health issues like seizures, headaches, etc.

Red Light Therapy for Weight loss, Exercise, and Diet

While red light therapy may help with weight loss, it’s not a plausible alternative to exercise and a healthy diet. Red light therapy is simply an additional modality that may help improve your results.

  Nutrition is a key factor in weight loss. Following a nutritionally balanced diet with some caloric restriction is the key way to lose weight. Consistency is key, so it’s important to follow a diet that is easy to incorporate into your life and that keeps you feeling full, energetic, and satiated.

  Exercise is also incredibly useful since it can help improve your metabolism and overall body composition. Red light therapy and exercise pair incredibly well together! Research shows

Achieve Your Body Goals With Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is marvelous, helping to boost and stimulate the body on multiple levels. Our understanding of how red light therapy improves weight loss is still in its infancy, but it’s clearly beneficial on a few different fronts. It may help with stubborn fat in specific areas, boost your overall exercise routine, and firm your skin for a more trim and toned look!

  With the Evertone Everwand, you can achieve both temporarily firmer-looking skin as well as long-term benefits, thanks to the combination of red light therapy with heat, microcurrent, and vibrational massage. This affordable device will allow you to treat yourself as often as you want, for long-term results. Are you ready to achieve your body goals?

Adriana Bailey

Meet our talented content writer Adriana Bailey. She has dedicated her career to creating informative, engaging, and relevant content for readers who want to learn more about the latest beauty products and techniques.In her free time, Adriana enjoys experimenting with new makeup styles or researching inspiration in the latest beauty trends.

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Adriana Bailey

Meet our talented content writer Adriana Bailey. She has dedicated her career to creating informative, engaging, and relevant content for readers who want to learn more about the latest beauty products and techniques.In her free time, Adriana enjoys experimenting with new makeup styles or researching inspiration in the latest beauty trends.