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Why You Shouldn’t Tattoo Your Stretch Marks - Evertone Skin

Why You Shouldn’t Tattoo Your Stretch Marks

Let’s be honest: nobody likes stretch marks. Even though they’re a totally natural part of the human experience (90% of women have them), they can still be pretty darn unsightly when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. So it’s no wonder that more and more women are looking for ways to cover up their stretch marks, one of those remedies being tattoos—but this may not be the best idea. 

Sure, at first glance, getting a tattoo over your stretch marks seems like a great idea. But there are actually quite a few reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Stretch marks can affect tattoos in a few different ways. For starters, tattoos tend to fade over time—and that’s even more true if your tattoo is on top of stretch marks.  They can distort the appearance of the tattoo. The ink can pool in the depressions created by the stretch marks, which can cause the lines of the tattoo to appear blurred or pixelated. In addition, the raised bumps of the stretch marks can make it difficult for the ink to penetrate evenly into the skin, which can result in an uneven tattoo. 

The ink just doesn’t seem to hold as well in areas where the skin has been stretched or damaged. So not only will your tattoo not last as long, but it may also end up patchy and faded. Not exactly the look you were going for, right?

Alternatives to Tattooing Stretch Marks


  • Concealer: This is probably the simplest and lowest-commitment option available for covering stretch marks. You can find concealers specifically designed to cover up stretch marks in just about any drugstore or even some grocery stores. Just make sure to find one that’s close to your skin tone so that it blends in well.


  • Self-tanner: This is another simple solution that can produce pretty good results. Just applying self-tanner to your stretch marks will help them blend in with the rest of your skin—though it won’t make them completely disappear. Self-tanner can be pretty easy to find and relatively inexpensive, too. You can even find some brands that offer gradual tanning formulas specifically designed for people with stretch marks. 


  • Long-term skin care: Okay, so you don’t want to commit to a tattoo, but you want a longer lasting solution—it could be time to integrate body skin care into your daily or weekly routine! The great thing about Evertone is that it’s seamless. It is designed to integrate into your skincare habits. The Stretch Mark product line is a regimen that will reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time, with ingredients that nourish and protect your skin instead of irritating it with harsh chemicals, dyes and additives. It’s a slower way to get to your desired end-result, but it’s the way to go if you want long-lasting results that do your skin a service, rather than cause damage over time. 
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