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How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Skin

Adriana Bailey • May, 2023

Microneedling for Dark Spots: Achieve Flawless Skin Tone

Adriana Bailey • May, 2023

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation occur when there’s an overproduction of melanin in the skin. This is triggered by specific factors, such as sun exposure, hormonal changes and ageing. Even though dark spots aren’t anything to be concerned about, some people aren’t satisfied with the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

 There are many ways to treat dark spots, and microneedling – a procedure that uses needles on the surface of the skin – is one of the treatments available to combat these. Microneedling for dark spots is a popular beauty treatment that targets the dark spots – by triggering the healing process and stimulating collagen production and tissue repair. This helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots and achieve even skin tone, and healthy and flawless skin.

Table Of Contents

  • 1. Is Microneedling Safe for All Skin Types?
  • 2. How Does Microneedling for Dark Spots Work?
  • 3. Benefits of Microneedling for Dark Spots
  • 4. Tips to Achieve the Best Results from Microneedling
  • 5. FAQs
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Table Of Contents

  • 1. How Does Radio Frequency Cellulite Treatment Work?
  • 2. Potential Side Effects Of Radiofrequency Cellulite Treatments
  • 3. Evertone Anti-Cellulite Routine
  • 4. FAQ For Radiofrequency For Cellulite
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Is Microneedling Safe for All Skin Types?

Microneedling is safe for all skin types and tones. However, it’s not suitable for people with a skin infection or wound, acne-prone skin, eczema, psoriasis, chronic conditions, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.

How Does Microneedling for Dark Spots Work?

Microneedling works by using a device with needles, which break apart the pigment on the surface layer of the skin, which is also known as the epidermis.

 As microneedling is a procedure, preparation is required before your treatment session to prevent any potential side effects. Before you embark on microneedling, you must avoid using Accutane for six months beforehand, getting laser procedures two weeks before and applying topical creams and exfoliants at least 5-7 days before treatment. Avoid exfoliating the night before microneedling. Don’t consume anti-inflammatory medications (e.g. ibuprofen) for at least three days before and blood thinning agents at least a week before, and don’t wax, use depilatory creams or electrolysis 5-7 prior. Also, keep your skin protected from sun exposure.

 On the day of your treatment, your face will be cleansed to keep it clear and prepped for the procedure. In addition to this, your clinician may ask you some questions about your health so be sure to disclose any medications you might be taking. About 30-45 minutes prior to the microneedling session, a skin numbing cream (topical lidocaine) will be applied to your skin, then once the session starts, it should take around 60 minutes. After your microneedling session is complete, aftercare is an essential and vital step for recovery, follow these post-treatment tips so that you can look after your skin correctly and ensure that you achieve the best results: 

  • Do not take anti-inflammatory for one week after the procedure. However, you can take Tylenol if you experience any soreness.
  • Don’t use ice on your face.
  • Avoid skin exposure to direct sunlight for a minimum of two weeks. After 24 hours, if you go outside, wear sunscreen (SPF 30+) and wear a hat.
  • You might experience tightness and sensitivity to your face within the first three days after treatment. To deal with this, wash your face with cool water and a gentle cleanser.
  • Also, be aware that you might experience a little bit of redness and slight bruising for 5-7 days, and swelling for 2-4 days. Plus, you might observe dryness, flaking and peeling 3-5 days after the treatment. If you notice these side effects, don’t worry – they should go down and disappear after time. It’s best to avoid touching, scratching, scrubbing or picking at your skin because this could make matters worse.
  • Avoid activities that cause sweating for 48 hours.
  • Use mineral makeup 24 hours after treatment.
  • For a few days, lie on your back when sleeping.
  • After a week, you should see some improvements and resume using your favorite skincare products.

Benefits of Microneedling for Dark Spots

There are numerous benefits and advantages that microneedling provides as a dark spot treatment.

Addresses other skin concerns
Microneedling is not only a solution for dark spots – it’s a procedure that is often used to address other skin concerns, such as acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, melasma and enlarged pores.

Restore the skin’s youthful appearance
Microneedling boosts collagen production and healing, increases elasticity, encourages skin cell regeneration and breaks down pigments. This helps to brighten skin tones, improve the skin’s firmness and restore the skin’s youthful appearance in the process.

Minimally invasive
Microneedling is incredibly effective at breaking down dark spots, but minimally invasive because the needles are short, thin and move over the skin’s surface layer rapidly. This means that downtime after the procedure is minimal.

Procedure can be combined with other treatments
Microneedling can be completed alongside other treatments for enhanced results, such as chemical peels, but you need to space these out. Opt for a chemical peel, then embark on the microneedling procedure 4-6 weeks later.

Tips to Achieve the Best Results from Microneedling

While microneedling is effective in reducing the appearance of dark spots, it’s important to follow post-treatment care to achieve the best results and accomplish a flawless complexion.

Multiple microneedling sessions
Every person is different, so some will require more or less microneedling sessions than others depending on their treatment plan. But for optimal results, most people require three to six microneedling sessions, with four to six weeks between each session.

Sun protection
Microneedling makes your skin much more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays, so wearing sunscreen is something you need to do. Reapply sunscreen (with SPF30+) throughout the day for at least two weeks after your treatment. Also, you should be using SPF regardless, because this will protect your skin from the UV rays and prevent dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Gentle cleansing
A face after microneedling treatment is likely to be sensitive and will require a gentle touch, so use a delicate cleanser. Our Body Refresh, which is a part of the Dark Spot Treatment Duo, contains vitamins A, C and E, and washes away impurities and leaves you with smooth and supple skin.

You might experience tightness, dryness and peeling after a microneedling treatment session, so make sure you keep your face moisturized and nourished with face cream. Hydrate your face with the Body Smoother, part of the Dark Spot Treatment Duo. which regenerates skin tissue and brightens your complexion. Apply at nighttime and massage into the skin.

Keep skin firm
Microneedling firms the skin. To maintain this effect, using a firming and toning device. Our Evertone Everlift is a microcurrent facial toning device that tightens, tones and contours face muscles. Also, it works by rapidly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promoting collagen production.

Be patient
Give your skin time to heal and don’t overdo your skincare routine.

What people ask 

How many sessions of microneedling are needed to see results?

For optimal results, three to five sessions – with four to six weeks between sessions – is recommended.

Does microneedling hurt?

Microneedling isn’t a painful procedure, but you might experience slight soreness because of the needles. To combat this, you can take Tylenol.

Are there any side effects of microneedling?

You might notice redness, tightness, swelling and flakiness on your skin, but these side effects normally disappear after a few days.

Can microneedling be combined with other treatments for dark spots?

You can combine microneedling with chemical peels to enhance your skin and boost collagen production. It’s recommended that you have a chemical peel first – four to six weeks before your microneedling treatment.

 How long does it take for dark spots to fade after microneedling?

It can take 1-2 weeks after a microneedling treatment session for dark spots to fade and to see an improvement in your skin tone and complexion, but you’ll need to have a few sessions to achieve optimal results.

Can microneedling be done at home with a derma-roller?

Yes, but if not used correctly, this could cause damage. It is better to see a professional for microneedling for the best results.

How much does microneedling for dark spots cost?

This varies, but a microneedling treatment session can cost between $100 and $700.

Chichi Ogwe

Chichi is a freelance beauty writer from London. She runs her own beauty blog, Chichi Writes Beauty, which is all about her passion: makeup. Clearly, she’s crazy for cosmetics! In her spare time, Chichi likes to read, listen to music, go for walks, dine out with friends, watch YouTube videos and binge-watch reality TV shows.

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Chichi Ogwe

Chichi is a freelance beauty writer from London. She runs her own beauty blog, Chichi Writes Beauty, which is all about her passion: makeup. Clearly, she’s crazy for cosmetics! In her spare time, Chichi likes to read, listen to music, go for walks, dine out with friends, watch YouTube videos and binge-watch reality TV shows.